Money for Nothing, Maybe …

I’ve recently started CPU mining a cryptocurrency alt-coin called XMG or Magi Coin. I’m running two 4-core ARM processors, one Amlogic s912 8-core ARM processor, four X86 Debian GNU Linux machines in the cloud, and an old ASUS laptop on 3 threads. This is pretty fun because I started small and as I’ve been learning about all this, I have re-built optimized miners, and added new CPU power to the mix. I’m getting about 160KH/s with all machines in place. My estimate is a little over $1000 USD in one year.

I keep telling my wife that this is really money for nothing. She’s an accountant and doesn’t trust any of this. She keeps reminding me of computer costs. She’s right. I just purchased another Amlogic s912 and that will give me 8 more cores (threads for processing). My goal is 10 s912’s in a tower setup. This would be a powerful CPU coin miner. My friend in Germany has 15 of these little motherboards running in a tower.

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