Peon230 FPV Racing Drone

I got really excited when I purchased an ANET A8 3D Printer this summer for about $160. What a deal! I had to put it together which took about 2 days (I was excited remember?). I got the printer because a friend had given me a model file to print brackets for my AMLogic computers that I use for cryptocurrency mining. These brackets let you mount the boards and also provide holes for stand-offs so that you can make a computing tower from the little computers. So, I built the printer, made the brackets, and accomplished my task. Now I needed some other project to print.

I found model files on Thingverse to make or “print” an FPV Racing Drone frame with a 230 mm diagonal for 5″ props. I watched a few YouTube videos of people flying freestyle (solo) and thought to myself, “this is what I want to do!”. Well, I printed the frame and I’ve started building my drone. This is why I’m building this thing.

The pic you see at the top of this post has what they call a PDB or Power Distribution Board and the black things under the tape on the arms are called ESCs or Electronic Speed Controllers. The little twisted-pair wires (4, one each ESC) will connect to a flight controller and the twisted-pair connections act as a throttle. Each ESC is between the battery and the motor. The twisted pair controls the current to the motor.

The large red and black wires are direct battery connections. I have a PDB in the mail being shipped to me but I was anxious to start my build and I found the Spektrum PDB at a local hobby shop. I’m am very displeased with this board because soldering these large battery wires to little spots on the PDB was rather difficult and did not result in a good solder joint. The Matek PDB I have on order, has a battery connector that is made for the PDB and it sticks out from the board’s footprint. This allows the battery and it’s XT60 male plug to connect easily to the board itself. The connector will be more stable mechanically and the solder joint should have more integrity. I’m currently waiting for the Matek board and I’ll replace the Spektrum board and the work I’ve done so far.

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