So You Want to Fly FPV: Build it Yourself

If you have decided you want to fly FPV then you need a Performance Multi-Rotor (PMR) with an FPV camera on it. You can buy one or build it yourself. It’s my opinion that you should build it yourself because you are going to crash. And, crashing actually proves the design and build of your PMR. Years ago I designed and help build nuclear submarines. We did shock testing, i.e. we exploded charges around the sub and made sure that our hulls and equipment inside could withstand pervasive blasts from enemy submarines or ships. If you buy your PMR you will not understand it’s design or build and when you crash and break something, now you become the mechanic, trade-repair person, designer, and builder anyhow. Build your own PMR.

When I began this journey, I knew nothing about drones, FPV, or performance multi-rotors (PMR). I had purchased an ANET A8 3D printer and found a racing FPV drone frame model file (STL) on Thingverse. I knew that a drone had a frame, a battery, and 4 motors. I knew nothing about the components.


Before I decided to 3D print the my first PMR frame, I found videos on YouTube of Mr. Steele. While I tolerate his ego, I love the bando (abandoned building) videos. If only I could do that.

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