Did we need another anypoint-cli?

I asked myself did we need another anypoint-cli-type package in NPM? Well, I didn’t ask myself until after I had done it. A client wanted automation of MuleSoft REST API resources for CI/CD and when I started looking at https://anypoint.mulesoft.com/exchange/portals/anypoint-platform

… I wasn’t even thinking about the anypoint-cli tool. I started my work using Ruby and later the client opted to use Javascript. After I open-sourced my work on Github, I realized that anypoint-cli performs a similar function. I however, was working under client direction and some of what I did was not available to us in anypoint-cli.

We now have an open-source tool that calls MuleSoft REST APIs on the Anypoint Platform. If anyone uses it and would like to add functionality, either contact me dlwhitehurst@gmail.com or send me a pull request. Here’s the link to the new package https://www.npmjs.com/package/anypoint-utils

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