How do define art? How do we define beauty? I’ve known a person that didn’t recognize the changing color of the leaves in the Fall and this person didn’t see beauty in nature or the world around him. I see beauty in the composition of things strewn across a table. Every baby is beautiful. Perfectly symmetric faces are beautiful. Anything […]

The Most Boring and Lame Blog Post

 For this post I will write out the Spanish numbers that I know today. It’s October 16, 2019 and I don’t know my Spanish numbers. Here’s goes the numbers I know today, uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, sieze, ocho?, neuve?, diaz? (need to check). Next edit I will add more as I learn more.

Sobre Mi

 Mi nombre es David Lee Whitehurst. Estoy casada con Patricia Rigler Whitehurst. Yo tengo tres hijos. Mi hija tiene 34. Mi hijo mayor es 25. Mi hijo menor es 23. Yo vivo en Fuquay Varina, Carolina del Norte. Yo nací en el estado de Virginia, Unitos Estados. He vivido en los estados de Virginia, Maryland, Oklahoma y Carolina del Norte. […]

HTML Redirect

Every installation of WordPress I’ve had to add an HTML redirect from index.html to /wordpress. And, every time I do this I forget how. So I thought I would record how to do that with a snippet here.

Doing what I love

 I love a lot of things and stress I don’t love. My work has recently been very stressful so I’m pushing through it so that I can relax and enjoy life. I’ve recently been learning Spanish and I would move to Mexico if it were possible to be on the beach there (East coast). I love Cancún and I’ve been […]

Parable of the Frustrated IT Consultant

Good software comes from within. And, what comes out of the software repository may defile the developer because it puts his code at odds with the manager or development team lead and harms the other beloved developers. The playbook, the coding practices, the style guides, and other religious prescriptions do not make the world-class software professional. The heart, the spirit, […]

Mi primer post en Español

Mi nombre es David. Yo vive en Fuquay Varina, Carolina del Norte. Viajo como consultor de MuleSoft y technología de la información. Actualmente viajo a los Estados Unidos. Estoy aprendiendo Español despacio. Estoy casado. El nombre de mi esposita es Patricia. Ella es muy bonita. Nos gusta viajar juntos. La he amado desde que tenía 12 años.

JSON and JSON Schema Test

Let’s create a JSON file and then generate a schema file from that. I’m currently using JSON files for MuleSoft integrations and my current client has only recently started using JSON schema files for communications with outside vendors and third-party stakeholders. What’s funny is that this client has their data analysts creating JSON sample files for our Mule development. I’m […]

Life Decisions

I’ve decided to give up on a dream in the last week. My dream was to create a huge online application and make a living on residual income from this online application. I already make good money with a day job as a traveling IT consultant for a firm in West Virginia called MS3 or Mountain State Software Solutions. My […]